Navakai holds certifications in Microsoft, Apple, Cisco Systems, VMware, and Digium while each Technical Specialist has an average of 15 years of field experience. Additionally, every Team member must pass a Personality Profile Assessment (effectively communicating on a regular basis with non-technical people is a key job requirement), a technical aptitude test, a field interview, and multiple interviews with peers, management, and ownership. If Navakai is picky about our clients, we’re even more so about selecting the right Team Member.


Shawn Morland – Director of Technical Services

Shawn is a co-founder of Navakai, has 25 years of computer, 18 years of network experience, and is just an all-around great guy to hang-out with. Shawn manages our mighty Project Services Department while providing some network and enterprise consultation. Shawn likes wine. Good wine, and lots of it. He also eats hamburgers without a bun because in his words…”starch is the devil”.

Davin Neubacher – Director of Business Development

Davin is a co-founder of Navakai with 20+ years of business development experience. Davin manages Navakai’s sales, marketing, plus some product development. He also works directly with Navakai’s enterprise accounts. Just be warned, it’s often difficult to schedule a lunch meeting with him, he prefers riding a bike instead of eating (he has issues). However, a drink after work is a different story…

Richard Ortiz – Senior Systems Administrator

Rich has over 18 years field experience working with PC’s and servers, lives for technology and customers seriously love him. He works in Navakai’s Project Services Department. When a client needs a new server, RIch is usually the person behind the installation. We also think he might own stock in McDonalds (see photo). However, in recent years, you can see him running instead of eating fast food. Rich is the proud owner of a black-colored Jack Quinn’s Running Club Shirt, signifying the fact that he’s run the event over 100 times!!!

Brian Olson – Service Desk Manager

Brian has 20 years of IT experience working in small, medium and enterprise environments. Since 2012 Brian has been managing the Service Desk to ensure the highest possible levels of customer satisfaction (even if he has to buy it). He also spends a lot of time in strategic development for our clients; meeting with them throughout the year to discuss IT-related strategy and new products. He is originally from Colorado Springs and likes to drink fine wine (not the kind in a box), play guitar, and style his hair.

Amber Robinson – Account Manager

Originally from Colorado Springs, Amber went to UCCS where she started working for a technology company as a receptionist. She was soon promoted, and eventually landed in sales. And the rest, they say…is history! When Amber isn’t delivering amazing customer service and account management to our super cool Navakai clients, she probably out hiking, bicycling, doing mud runs, drinking wine and enjoying sunshine, nurturing her flower garden, or reading suspense novels. Secretly, she’s a Pinterest junkie, a Netflix binge watcher, has a boot collection that rivals Nordstrom, and loves shooting guns. You might want to keep that in mind the next time she asks you to sign a quote…

Peter Malinowski – Tier 2 Network Technician

Born in Germany, Peter got his start in technology at the ripe age of 9. He drained his savings account to buy his first Commodore 64 computer. From there, things really took off. When not supporting Navakai’s client networks, Peter likes to spend time with the family and ride his newly purchased mountain bike; enjoying the great outdoors here in Colorado! Oh, and his wife is an amazing baker. Just don’t expect to taste anything…it disappears from the Navakai kitchen as quickly as it arrives.

Scott Fisher – Systems Administrator

Part of Navakai’s Project Services Team, Scott is responsible for server and VoIP project delivery and design. Originally from Lincoln, Nebraska, Mr. Fisher started racing cars professionally at the ripe old age of 5. However, he quickly realized that it was difficult to race when you can’t see over the steering wheel. When not solving the World’s problems one server at a time, Scott enjoys watching football and most recently hockey. In fact, he’s our State’s most recent Avalanche fan! He’s also getting back into cycling and rides into work most days.

Alejandra Baez-Diaz – Project Administrator

Originally from Puerto Rico, Ale has lived in Colorado Springs most of her life. She has worked in everything from real estate to commodities trading to nonprofits. When Ale isn’t busy at Navakai coordinating one of our many client projects each month, she enjoys yoga, swing dancing (for real), gardening, hiking, and reading. Oh, and the Chips Ahoy bag in the photo? Hide your popcorn; she’s a self-admitted snackaholic.

Katelynn Little, Customer Service Specialist

Originally from Pagosa Springs, Colorado, Katelynn has one of the most important jobs at Navakai…customer service! She’s the one that takes all of the information from us “non-techies”, and translate it to our technical staff so they can fix your computer. When Katelynn isn’t one the phone and managing tickets, she enjoys volleyball, the gym, snowboarding, and taking her super-cute dog to the dog park to watch all of the chaotic canine fun!

Jacob Lebbs, Tier 2 Support Specialist

Ask him ANYTHING about Star Wars, and he knows it. For real. Originally from Tucson, Arizona, Jacob found his way to Colorado Springs for his degree at UCCS, where he also worked at the help desk. When he’s not serving up top-notch Tier 2 tech support at our Service Desk, Jacob likes working on his home media server that hosts over 200 movies. Word around the Navakai Kegerator is that he has secret plans to take over Netflix soon…

Christine Newkirk – Operations Manager

The unsung hero of Navakai, Christine handles our operations. This includes order procurement, finance, and HR. Is she busy? Yup. However, with a strong background in all of this stuff, Chris manages everything like a pro. When she is not secretly feeding Kona snacks, crunching numbers, or ordering computers at Navakai, Chris is working in her garden at home. She says it’s therapeutic and based on how busy we keep her…it’s probably needed.

Chris Daberkow – Tier-2 Support Specialist

Soft spoken, but incredibly powerful. That’s how one might describe Chris. He’s part of Navakai’s Service Desk Team and helps our clients with remote support each day. When he’s not utilizing his 10-years’ experience in technology to provide exceptional support, you can find Chris enjoying sports, traveling, hiking & camping, and cooking! He was born in Germany but mostly grew up in Idaho. Now, Chris is pretty stoked to be living in one of the best places in the Country (no offense Idaho).

Jim Richards – Network Engineer

Often referred to as “Big Jim” (due to his tank tops and giant biceps), Jim is Navakai’s lead Network Engineer, supporting our core Navakai networks across the Country. He started in IT way back when fanny packs were popular and has been Cisco Certified since 2002. Jim is one of our few Colorado natives and enjoys snowsports, walking the land (like Kane in Kung Fu), and is a certified Master Scuba Diver. Yes, we said scuba diving.

Andy Foard – Network Technician

Born and raised in State College, PA home of Penn State University, Andy moved to Colorado Springs just recently. He learned about how amazing Navakai was and decided to move here just to be near our greatness. OK, we actually recruited Andy because he’s super cool, wicked smart, and has really good experience in the IT field. When he’s not helping customers with their network, Andy enjoys being active by hiking, biking, kayaking, snowboarding and any other sports and activities outdoors! For indoor activities, Andy likes to tinker with his UnRAID server and network lab. We told you he was smart…

Kona Neubacher – Director of Crotch Sniffing

Walk in to Navakai and you are sure to be greeted with a wagging tail and lick on the face (and that’s just from Shawn). Kona has been with Navakai since he was born, and is as much a part of our office as anyone. When not going through the trash cans under everyone’s desks, Kona enjoys trail running, bird hunting, and playing. Is it cliché to post a photo of the office dog? Yes, but who cares…it’s part of Navakai’s culture.