Navakai for Company Owners and IT Professionals

What we do.

Navakai is a IT Managed Services Provider. We offer monthly support and technology-related projects for desktops, servers, and networks in Denver, Colorado Springs, plus service many clients Nationally. Our Service Desk Team provides your end-users with remote support plus monitors every device to ensure it's secure and running optimally. While our Project Services Team helps plan your upgrades throughout the year, then manages and delivers the project. With Navakai, we've got your technology covered...and all with exceptional customer service.

How we do it.

Navakai partnership starts with you. Why? Because for us to engage in a successful, long-term partnership with a client, we first need to understand your business: the culture of your organization, what makes you successful, some of your challenges, and how you use technology. At the end of this discovery process, we are able to structure a sustainable technology plan that addresses short and long-term business objectives. Whether your business is looking to streamline operational efficiencies, improve worker productivity, gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace, or simply improve your current IT support, Navakai will help get you there.

It's not about the technology.

We know, that sounds funny coming from an organization with some of the most experienced and qualified technicians in the galaxy. However, we realize none of that matters if we can't deliver an exceptional customer experience.That's why the Navakai Team is trained in the fine art of customer service. If we can't effectively communicate to non-technical people and provide them a pleasant experience when they need support, nothing else matters. Yup, it's time to think differently about IT Support for your organization.

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