Navakai – Relax. We Are IT Specialists

Navakai is an IT Managed Services Provider offering monthly support and technology-related projects for your business. We provide a variety of products and services for clients in Colorado Springs, Denver, and nationwide. All of the geeky technical terminology aside, what we REALLY do is design, build, and support reliable computing environments, deliver exceptional customer service to your employees, and ensure that every investment you make in technology is actually going to help your business. Why? Because we like keeping our friends for a long time.

It’s Not About the Technology

In fact, it never was. We know that sounds funny coming from an organization with some of the most experienced, wickedly smart, qualified technicians and engineers in the galaxy. However, none of that matters if we can’t deliver a positive customer experience. That’s why the Navakai Team is trained in the fine art of effectively communicating to non-technical people. Since 95% of the users we support are NOT technicians, we had better know how to talk to them. Oh, and all of that latest and greatest, super-cool technology out there? We only recommend it if truly meets the needs of your business … and the person using it. Go ahead, call us crazy.